Amendment ID: S2350-1-R1

Redraft Amendment 1

Regional school transportation at least 85 percent

Messrs. Tarr, Humason, Brady, Fattman and Tran and Ms. Gobi move that the proposed new draft be amended by inserting after section 25 the following section:-

“SECTION 25A. Notwithstanding any general or special law to the contrary, the department of elementary and secondary education shall provide an analysis of funding levels that reimburse municipalities and school districts for education services including, but not limited to, reimbursements related to: (i) transportation costs for regional school districts; (ii) transportation costs associated with children and youth experiencing homelessness, as defined by the McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act of 1987; (iii) special education costs covered under the circuit breaker established pursuant to section 5A of chapter 71B of the General Laws; and (iv) costs eligible for reimbursement related to smart growth programs authorized under chapter 40S.

The analysis shall: (i) determine any shortfall between the current funding level and the full statutory obligation; (ii) review the history of reimbursement funding as a share of the full statutory obligation; (iii) project the funding level required to meet the full statutory obligation in each of the next 3 fiscal years; and (iv) include recommendations to ensure that statutory obligated funding is provided.  The analysis shall be submitted to the clerks of the house of representatives and the senate not later than April 15, 2020.”.