Budget Amendment ID: FY2020-S3-263-R1

Redraft EDU 263

Childcare Resource and Referral Agencies

Messrs. Keenan and Welch, Ms. DiZoglio, Messrs. Moore, Eldridge, Crighton, Kennedy, Timilty, Montigny, Collins, deMacedo, O'Connor and Feeney moved that the proposed new text be amended in section 2, in item 3000-2000, by adding the following words:- "; provided further that said agencies shall be funded at no less than fiscal year 2019 levels; provided further that not less than $1,000,000 shall be expended to reduce the child care resource and referral agencies subsidy management caseload ratios based on national ratio standards”; and

in said section 2, in said item 3000-2000, by striking out the figure “$8,675,311” and inserting in place thereof the following figure:- “$10,086,311”.