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The 192nd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Hearing DetailsJoint Committee on Revenue


Bill Bill Title Sponsor
S.1451  An Act prohibiting the sale of lighters to minors James B. Eldridge
S.1453  An Act establishing the Commonwealth Lung Cancer Early Detection and Treatment Research Fund Susan C. Fargo
S.1454  An Act establishing a municipal gas tax exemption Susan C. Fargo
S.1455  An Act relative to the reimbursement of the gas tax on Massachusetts toll payers Susan C. Fargo
S.1515  An Act relative to excise tax on motor vehicles. Michael F. Rush
S.1546  An Act eliminating the motor vehicle excise tax in the fifth and succeeding years James E. Timilty
S.1547  An Act relative to a small business gas tax credit. James E. Timilty
S.1549  An Act relative to the enhancement of fire safety James E. Timilty
S.1553  An Act relative to equitable treatment for substance use disorders Steven A. Tolman
H.748  An Act regulating the issuance of excise tax notices on motor vehicles Demetrius J. Atsalis
H.780  An Act relative to recovering tax revenue lost to neighboring states. Ronald Mariano
H.782  An Act concerning car rental fees Aaron Michlewitz
H.788  An Act eliminating the gasoline tax to state agencies and municipalities William Smitty Pignatelli
H.796  An Act to increase the gas tax Byron Rushing
H.800  An Act relative to motor vehicle excise tax exemptions. John W. Scibak
H.1673  An Act relative to the excise tax on malt beverages F. Jay Barrows
H.1676  An Act relative to the gradual increase in the taxation of sales of gasoline Thomas P. Conroy
H.1678  An Act prohibiting certain taxation of motor vehicles Angelo L. D'Emilia
H.1696  An Act establishing the substance abuse health protection fund Kay Khan
H.2498  An Act relative to the promotion of ethanol based gas pumps Garrett J. Bradley
H.2508  An Act relative to the taxation of tobacco products John V. Fernandes
H.2511  An Act to impose a tax on cigarette rolling papers John P. Fresolo
H.2522  An Act relative to the fair administration of the motor vehicle excise tax Bradley H. Jones, Jr.
H.2536  An Act relative to exempting municipalities from the gas tax Bradley H. Jones, Jr.
H.2542  An Act increasing the excise tax on alcoholic beverages Kay Khan
H.2550  An Act amending Chapter 62C of the General Laws Michael J. Moran
H.2564  An Act relative to updating funding for transportation investments Carl M. Sciortino, Jr.
H.3020  An Act relative to marine vessels Stephen Stat Smith
H.3022  An Act relative to the cigarette excise tax stamping allowance Joseph F. Wagner
H.3200  An Act relative to the timing of reimbursement for federal manufacturers excise tax John J. Binienda
S.1909  An Act validating a certain vote taken by the town of Tewksbury Barry R. Finegold