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The 191st General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts


     Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives in General Court assembled, and by the authority of the same as follows:
     SECTION 1.  The conservation commission and the board of selectmen of the town of Stow may amend section III.B. of a certain conservation restriction granted to the town of Stow by Peters Pond Realty Trust on October 15, 1996 and recorded in the Middlesex south district registry of deeds in book 26767, pages 184 to 189, inclusive, by adding the following paragraph:
     4.  The construction of 1 water supply well and any related activities including, but not limited to, pump testing, construction of a small structure to protect the wellhead, construction of a unpaved access road to the wellhead, fencing, and underground or aboveground utilities to serve the well, provided that the construction shall be completed in a manner which is designed to maintain the existing and planned trail connections to adjacent parcels.
     SECTION 2.  The conservation commission and the board of selectmen or their designees of the town of Stow shall take all actions they deem necessary or advisable in their sole discretion to carry out the amendment of the conservation restriction and acceptance of a revised conservation restriction as set forth in this act including, without limitation, the execution of all documents relative thereto.
     SECTION 3.  As consideration for the change in the conservation restriction authorized in section 1, the town of Stow shall, pursuant to section 3 of chapter 40 of the General Laws, transfer the care, custody and control of a certain .74-acre parcel of land from the board of selectmen to the conservation commission for conservation purposes.  The parcel, shown on Stow assessors map U-10 as parcel 40, was acquired by the town for nonpayment of taxes by an instrument of taking which was recorded in the Middlesex south registry of deeds in book 18165, page 384 and the final judgment thereon recorded in book 24015, page 051.

Approved, August 6, 2014.