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The 192nd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Representative Joseph D. McKenna Republican - 18th Worcester

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  HD.60 An Act apportioning electoral votes by congressional district
  HD.61 An Act to allow hardship licenses and interlocking ignition devices on motorcycles
  HD.62 An Act reducing the costs for small business
  HD.63 An Act returning liquor license control to municipalities
  HD.64 An Act relative to change of address for firearm licensing
  HD.65 An Act ensuring consistent reimbursement of PILOT funding
  HD.66 An Act to study the modernization of retirement systems for future state employees
  HD.67 An Act relative to state funding of certain nonprofits
  HD.68 An Act to clarify auto insurance liability during claims investigations
  HD.69 An Act relative to access to constitutional rights
  HD.70 An Act returning liquor license control to municipalities
  HD.71 An Act relative to emergency room procedure for prescribing or dispensing pain medication to certain persons on probation
  HD.72 An Act relative to illegal drug and firearm trafficking
  HD.73 An Act to ensure backyard privacy
  HD.74 An Act implementing a home water filtration tax credit
  HD.75 An Act establishing an emergency responder yellow dot program
  HD.76 An Act ensuring domestic violence victims' protections for all employees in the Commonwealth
  HD.78 An Act promoting the proper disposal of miniatures
  HD.117 An Act authorizing the town of Sutton to grant real property abatements to certain military personnel
  HD.163 An Act authorizing the town of Webster to grant additional liquor licenses
  HD.1303 An Act relative to carbon monoxide alarms in schools
  HD.1737 An Act to clarify the earned sick time statute
  HD.1738 An Act regarding treble damages
  HD.1739 An Act relative to nondiscrimination training in the workplace
  HD.1740 An Act relative to employee references
  HD.1921 An Act relative to municipal land ownership
  HD.1922 An Act authorizing certain members of the Webster Fire Department to buy-back eligible retirement service time
  HD.3102 An Act establishing a commission on firearm licensing in the Commonwealth
  HD.3855 An Act to allow freedom in counseling
  HD.4018 An Act relative to instruction in pregnancy and pre-and postnatal care
  HD.4023 An Act relative to taxpayer conscience protection
* — Legislator is not a sponsor of this measure.