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The 192nd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Senator Michael J. Barrett Democrat - Third Middlesex

Photo of  Michael J. Barrett
Assistant Majority Leader

State House

24 Beacon St.
Room 109-D
Boston, MA, 02133
(617) 722-1572
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  HD.273 An Act to grant additional liquor licenses for the sale of wines and malt beverages to be drunk on the premises in Concord
  HD.274 An Act to make permanent a senior means tested property tax exemption in Concord
  HD.734 An Act establishing healthy voting habits among youth
  SD.1508 An Act to require liability insurance for gun ownership
  SD.1515 An Act relative to the Massachusetts fund for vulnerable countries most affected by climate change
  SD.1519 An Act relative to the repeal of the sales tax exemption for aircraft
  SD.1674 An Act protecting inmate safety and the expenditure of state funds
  SD.1682 An Act relative to protecting biometric information under the security breach law
  SD.1722 An Act restoring financial transparency in presidential elections
  SD.1729 An Act regulating the use of credit reports by employers
  SD.1730 An Act to eliminate the public counsel fee
  SD.1736 An Act relative to military grade controlled property
  SD.1740 An Act relative to solar drying of laundry
  SD.2383 An Act to require closed captioning in telecommunications in public areas
  SD.2385 An Act relative to 3-D printed weapons and “ghost guns”
  SD.2390 An Act to analyze future need for electric vehicle infrastructure within the commonwealth
  SD.2396 An Act addressing the needs of students with disabilities turning 22 during the COVID-19 emergency
  SD.2397 An Act relative to COVID-19 and improving workers' benefits
  SD.2398 An Act to facilitate electric vehicle ownership among low- and middle-income families
  SD.2399 An Act ensuring electric vehicle chargers in service plazas along the Mass Pike
  SD.2401 An Act to assist cities and towns with electric vehicle charging infrastructure
  SD.2402 An Act to provide cities and towns data on electric vehicles
  SD.2408 An Act to make electric vehicles more affordable
  SD.2409 An Act to convert the MBTA bus fleet to zero-emission vehicles
  SD.2411 An Act to convert the state government fleet to electric vehicles
  SD.2413 An Act to increase electric vehicle charging infrastructure in new construction
  SD.2415 An Act exempting electric vehicle chargers from the sales tax
  SD.2417 An Act to create uniform standards in the use of force within correctional institutions
  SD.2419 An Act establishing a Climate Policy Commission
  SD.2420 An Act instituting a governance structure for
  SD.2424 An Act establishing a commission on the history of state institutions for people with developmental and mental health disabilities in the Commonwealth
  SD.2425 An Act relative to facilitating access to public records
  SD.2427 An Act relative to ensuring An Act related to public safety and police evidence review
  SD.2428 An Act to combat disposable plastic straw waste
  SD.2430 An Act to restrict the use of polystyrene
  SD.2431 An Act exempting zero-emission commercial vehicles from the sales tax
  SD.2477 An Act to expand carbon pricing in the commonwealth
  HD.3894 An Act allowing 17 year olds to vote in town elections and town meetings
S.9  SD.169 By Mr. Barrett, a petition (accompanied by bill, Senate, No. 9) of Michael J. Barrett and Thomas A. Golden, Jr., for legislation to create a next-generation roadmap for Massachusetts climate policy. Temporary Ways and Means.
* — Legislator is not a sponsor of this measure.