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The 192nd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Representative Paul K. Frost Republican - 7th Worcester

Photo of  Paul K. Frost
Third Assistant Minority Leader
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  HD.3527 An Act relative to vocational and trade school classes for public school students
  HD.3528 An Act relative to permanent alcoholic beverage takeout​​
  HD.3529 An Act relative to removing liquor license caps in communities
  HD.3530 An Act relative to work from home incentives
  HD.3532 An Act relative to health insurance and incarcerated individuals
  HD.3533 An Act relative to exempting restaurants from state sales taxes
  HD.3534 An Act relative to exempting unemployment claims from state income tax
  HD.3535 An Act relative to PPP loan tax exemption
  HD.3536 An Act relative to home heating oil deductions
  HD.3537 An Act relative to an emergency preparedness instructional awareness program
  HD.3538 An Act designating a certain bridge in the town of Auburn the Robert Conroy Memorial Bridge
  HD.3539 An Act authorizing the town of Millbury to enter into certain contracts for events held at the Asa Waters Mansion
  HD.3850 An Act to provide a pilot program for low interest loans to families with a child suffering from a terminal illness
  HD.3853 An Act relative to noise reduction devices
  HD.3857 An Act establishing the employability task force
  HD.3862 An Act relative to local boards of health and the sale of legal tobacco products in the Commonwealth
  HD.3863 An Act authorizing borrowing by cities and towns at zero percent from the Commonwealth for green energy sources
  HD.3864 An Act providing for mandatory recess time in elementary schools
  HD.3865 An Act relative to drug distribution causing death
  HD.3867 An Act relative to sex offenders
  HD.3870 An Act permitting the adoption of embryos
  HD.3874 An Act relative to throwing objects at motor vehicles
  HD.3876 An Act requiring identification of food allergens in eating establishments
  HD.4048 An Act relative to firearm licensing renewals during a state of emergency
  HD.4052 An Act to restore continuity for the siting of marijuana facilities in the cities and towns
  HD.4054 An Act relative to marijuana horticultural clarification
  HD.4055 An Act relative to methadone clinic zoning
  HD.4056 An Act relative to beavers
  HD.4059 An Act providing for an income tax exemption for senior citizens
  HD.4061 An Act authorizing the use of bow and arrows for Sunday hunting
* — Legislator is not a sponsor of this measure.