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The 192nd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Representative Tami L. Gouveia Democrat - 14th Middlesex

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  SD.36 An Act relative to a person’s failure to appear in court due to enrollment in rehabilitation or detoxification facility
  SD.146 An Act preserving open space in the commonwealth
  HD.153 An Act relative to gender identity on Massachusetts identification
  SD.159 An Act increasing solar rooftop energy
  HD.161 An Act establishing an institute within the Department of Public Health
  HD.191 An Act designating the last day of February as rare disease day in the Commonwealth
  SD.207 An Act protecting pollinators by eliminating harmful products
  HD.253 An Act relative to wage transparency
  HD.260 An Act relative to the digital right to repair
  HD.271 An Act preserving open space in the Commonwealth
  HD.292 An Act requiring mental health parity for disability policies
  SD.300 An Act streamlining COVID-19 vaccination sign-up in Massachusetts
  HD.334 An Act protecting ratepayers from gas pipeline expansion costs
  SD.339 An Act eliminating mandatory minimum sentences related to drug offenses
  HD.397 An Act relative to ensuring treatment for genetic craniofacial conditions
  HD.430 An Act transferring Bridgewater State Hospital from the Department of Corrections to the Department of Mental Health
  HD.447 An Act prohibiting discrimination based on natural hairstyles
  HD.448 An Act relative to work and family mobility during and subsequent to the COVID-19 emergency
  HD.449 An Act relative to early voting cost reimbursements
  HD.452 An Act to close corporate tax loopholes and create progressive revenue
  HD.456 An Act authorizing municipalities to expend certain funds for the acquisition of land to be used for rail trails
  HD.457 An Act to continue the Citizens Commission concerning a Constitutional Amendment to secure government of the people
  HD.458 An Act relative to improving pesticide protections for Massachusetts schoolchildren
  HD.460 Resolutions for a United States constitutional amendment and a limited amendment proposing convention
  HD.478 An Act governing the use of pesticides containing the herbicide substance Glyphosate in the Commonwealth
  HD.479 An Act relative to the composition of the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education
  HD.494 An Act expanding access to adoption
  HD.495 An Act establishing a special commission on two-generation approaches to childhood education
  HD.527 An Act relative to license reinstatement fees for drivers without a conviction
  HD.530 An Act ensuring access to state IDs for low-income people
  HD.531 An Act relative to emergency paid sick time
  SD.532 An Act to protect the civil rights and safety of all Massachusetts residents
  SD.546 An Act establishing medicare for all in Massachusetts
  HD.596 An Act to upgrade hen welfare and establish uniform cage-free standards
  HD.637 An Act relative to postpartum depression screening
  HD.651 An Act to increase access to disposable menstrual products in prisons, homeless shelters, and public schools
  HD.663 An Act protecting internet access during the COVID-19 pandemic
  HD.670 An Act to require health care coverage for emergency psychiatric services
  HD.671 An Act relative to mental health parity implementation
  HD.672 An Act ensuring access to addiction services
  HD.673 An Act assuring prompt access to health care
  HD.674 An Act to track the implementation of the Brangan ruling
  HD.675 An Act relative to wrongful discharge from employment
  HD.676 An Act Relative to Student Mental Health
  SD.699 An Act effectuating equity in COVID-19 vaccination
  HD.718 An Act to end child marriage in Massachusetts
  HD.722 An Act amending the unemployment insurance law for workers with fluctuating work schedules
  HD.760 An Act eliminating mandatory minimum sentences related to drug offenses
  HD.770 An Act to support healthy development among preschoolers
  HD.788 An Act relative to GIC composition and transparency
  SD.800 An Act relative to inmate telephone calls
  HD.916 An Act to ensure minimum fair wages and employment stability for adjunct faculty
  HD.919 An Act relative to tobacco premium ratings
  HD.930 An Act prohibiting license revocation for student loan default
  HD.934 An Act relative to empowering Massachusetts students to end sexual violence
  HD.948 An Act relative to protecting local retirees
  HD.966 An Act promoting political participation
  HD.967 An Act to prevent wage theft, promote employer accountability, and enhance public enforcement
  HD.968 An Act ensuring equitable representation in the Commonwealth
  HD.1018 An Act to strengthen the foundation of the Commonwealth
  HD.1020 An Act relative to restoring corporate tax rates
  SD.1039 An Act improving the earned income credit for working families
  HD.1143 An Act updating overtime protections to protect the Commonwealth's middle class workers
  HD.1148 An Act to guarantee debt-free public higher education
  HD.1156 An Act establishing a tax revenue fairness and implementation commission
  HD.1158 An Act to lift kids out of deep poverty
  HD.1159 An Act promoting zero-emission vehicles
  HD.1161 An Act relative to universal school meals
  HD.1165 An Act to protect the civil rights and safety of all Massachusetts residents
  HD.1185 An Act relative to drivers licenses for international students
  HD.1187 An Act establishing a natural gas demand response pilot program
  HD.1188 An Act relative to voter registration for renters and homebuyers
  HD.1198 An Act relative to informed consent for concurrent surgical procedures
  HD.1211 An Act relative to the creation of a women's rights history trail
  HD.1214 An Act promoting continuity of care for Multiple Sclerosis treatment
  HD.1227 An Act relative to Rosa Parks Day
  HD.1232 An Act providing for the expungement of racially restrictive covenants in recorded real property documents
  HD.1252 An Act providing for climate change adaptation infrastructure and affordable housing investments in the Commonwealth
  HD.1267 An Act to protect Massachusetts pollinators
  HD.1283 An Act effectuating equity in COVID-19 vaccination
  HD.1299 An Act providing hazard pay and protection for essential workers during a “declaration of a state of emergency”
  HD.1395 An Act relative to assisting elders and people with disabilities in the Commonwealth
  HD.1400 An Act relative to fair pay for comparable work
  HD.1418 An Act supporting parents running for public office
  HD.1432 An Act to promote public safety and better outcomes for young adults
  HD.1440 An Act relative to a streaming entertainment operator’s use of the public rights-of-way
  HD.1456 An Act relative to end of life options
  HD.1458 An Act further regulating the enforcement of illegal hunting practices
  HD.1484 An Act to improve Alzheimer's’ and dementia care in senior care options programs
  HD.1485 An Act relative to intensive case management for clinically complex older adults
  SD.1499 An Act promoting community immunity
  HD.1513 An Act relative to safety and violence education for students (the SAVE Students Act)
  HD.1536 An Act fostering voting opportunities, trust, equity, and security
  SD.1539 An Act promoting equality and respect in the legislature
  HD.1546 An Act relative to the scheduling of employees
  HD.1592 An Act prohibiting the sale of fur products
  HD.1608 An Act relative to treatment, not imprisonment
  HD.1625 An Act protecting water systems through the labeling of flushable wipes
  HD.1628 An Act updating bail procedures for justice-involved youth
  HD.1633 An Act to support innovation and local investment in the green economy
  HD.1635 An Act relative to maintaining adequate water supplies through effective drought management
  HD.1643 An Act relative to transparency in employee benefits reporting in private construction
  HD.1649 An Act relative to the safe care of residents with active substance use disorder accessing skilled nursing facility care
  HD.1669 An Act to reduce incidence and death from pancreatic cancer
  HD.1674 An Act to require the disclosure of lead in water pipes
  HD.1710 An Act enabling public housing authorities to borrow against real estate equity of publicly-owned properties
  HD.1712 An Act relative to accelerating improvements to the local and regional public health system to address disparities in the delivery of public health services
  SD.1722 An Act restoring financial transparency in presidential elections
  HD.1736 An Act protecting research animals
  HD.1807 An Act protecting youth from nicotine addiction
  HD.1818 An Act relative to Mass save for vehicles
  HD.1833 An Act relative to age requirements in local elections
  HD.1859 An Act to establish municipal access to utility poles located in municipal rights-of-way
  HD.1888 An Act to reduce traffic fatalities
  HD.1889 An Act promoting housing opportunity and mobility through eviction sealing (HOMES)
  HD.1911 An Act empowering cities and towns to support affordable housing with a fee on certain real estate transactions
  HD.1913 An Act to strengthen family and community connection with incarcerated people
  HD.1915 An Act enabling a local option for a tax on vacant units in residential buildings
  HD.1923 An Act increasing the excise tax on alcoholic beverages
  HD.1925 An Act creating a maximum allowable check-cashing rate
  HD.1928 An Act to promote local agriculture and student nutrition
  HD.1929 An Act relative to hospital grade breast pumps
  SD.1931 An Act relative to Medicaid coverage for doula services
  HD.1933 An Act to help developers revitalize underutilized buildings
  HD.1936 An Act relative to recovery coach licensure
  HD.1937 An Act relative to cueing and supervision in the PCA program
  HD.1940 An Act protecting research animals
  HD.1956 An Act to prevent the imposition of mandatory minimum sentences based on juvenile adjudications
  HD.1960 An Act providing affordable and accessible high quality early education and care to promote child development and well-being and support the economy in the Commonwealth
  HD.1972 An Act achieving a green future with infrastructure and workforce investments
  HD.1975 An Act to update postural screenings in schools
  HD.1998 An Act clarifying consent laws for adolescents
  HD.2007 An Act relative to persons with developmental disabilities
  HD.2026 An Act to ensure representation of Special Education Parent Advisory Councils on school committees
  HD.2027 An Act relative to community support for vulnerable youth
  HD.2029 An Act regarding Medicare savings programs eligibility
  HD.2071 An Act to ban the use of PFAS in food packaging
  HD.2136 An Act relative to authorizing a cost of living increase for the employees of the Massachusetts State Legislature
  SD.2197 An Act relative to building energy and decarbonization
  HD.2198 An Act requiring accountability for inequities in suspension and expulsion
  HD.2216 An Act relative to a clean transportation future
  SD.2235 An Act ensuring municipal participation of the widest eligible range
  HD.2246 An Act to require public universities to provide medication abortion
  HD.2247 An Act enhancing the issuance of citations for cruel conditions for animals
  HD.2315 An Act relative to expungement of juvenile and young adult records
  HD.2324 An Act providing a bill of rights for people experiencing homelessness
  HD.2373 An Act relative to the practice of acupuncture
  HD.2403 An Act promoting community immunity
  HD.2420 An Act establishing the Massachusetts law revision commission
  HD.2423 An Act establishing gender neutral bathrooms
  HD.2424 An Act concerning the use of animals in product testing
  HD.2428 An Act relative to random placement for candidate names and removal of incumbent information on primary and state ballots
  HD.2429 An Act relative to regional transportation ballot initiatives
  HD.2450 An Act relative to emergency insulin access
  SD.2468 An Act relative to the purpose, utility, nature, and timeliness of commissions in the Commonwealth
  HD.2528 An Act providing immediate childcare assistance to homeless families
  HD.2576 An Act to protect injured workers during and after the COVID-19 pandemic
  HD.2583 An Act relative to newborn screenings for congenital cytomegalovirus
  HD.2632 An Act requiring health care employers to develop and implement programs to prevent workplace violence
  HD.2656 An Act establishing Medicare for all in Massachusetts
  HD.2698 An Act establishing farm to school grants to promote healthy eating and strengthen the agricultural economy
  HD.2776 An Act relative to Medicaid coverage for doula services
  HD.2795 An Act relative to emergency hazard health duty
  HD.2830 An Act relative to telephone service for inmates in all correctional and other penal institutions in the Commonwealth
  HD.2855 An Act for Massachusetts toxic free kids
  HD.2860 An Act to establish a commission to study substance use disorder and treatment disparities in the minority community
  HD.2871 An Act relative to forest protection
  HD.2902 An Act to establish the family caregiving tax credit
  HD.2928 An Act prohibiting non consensual pelvic examinations
  HD.2930 An Act relative to state contracting
  HD.2932 An Act to ensure equitable health coverage for children
  HD.2939 An Act relative to an agricultural healthy incentives program
  HD.2946 An Act to strengthen reuse, repurpose, recycle
  HD.2972 An Act establishing a diaper benefits pilot program
  HD.2993 An Act relative to HIV prevention access for young adults
  HD.2997 An Act promoting the proper disposal of miniatures
  HD.3006 An Act to protect pollinator habitat
  HD.3017 An Act relative to student loan forgiveness for college and university graduates working on Covid-19 public health
  HD.3117 An Act to limit consumer exposure to deceptive calling practices
  HD.3167 An Act relative to preventing overdose deaths and increasing access to treatment
  HD.3169 An Act relative to the stabilization of rents and evictions in towns and cities facing distress in the housing market
  HD.3199 An Act relative to disability pensions for violent crimes
  HD.3228 An Act to regulate face surveillance
  HD.3262 An Act relative to establishing a prevailing wage for security officers
  HD.3269 An Act to provide criminal justice reform protections to all prisoners in segregated confinement
  HD.3275 An Act to Reduce Mass Incarceration
  HD.3322 An Act establishing a commission to study the availability of a continuum of care for persons with substance use disorder
  HD.3338 An Act providing for building justice with jobs
  HD.3384 An Act facilitating housing for all
  HD.3385 An Act relative to better buildings
  HD.3397 An Act ensuring safe drinking water in schools
  HD.3401 An Act to prohibit the use of polystyrene foam food containers
  HD.3423 An Act relative to cosmetic labeling
  HD.3430 An Act restricting distribution of single-use plastic straws
  HD.3435 An Act relative to the repeal or reform of certain unenforceable or unconstitutional archaic laws
  HD.3453 An Act transitioning Massachusetts to electric buses
  HD.3454 An Act relative to healthy youth
  HD.3462 An Act requiring one fair wage
  HD.3474 Proposal for a legislative amendment to the Constitution relative to the oaths and affirmations of public office
  HD.3477 An Act establishing a commission to review substance use in correctional facilities
  HD.3551 An Act transitioning Massachusetts to clean electricity, heating and transportation
  HD.3574 An Act responding to the threat of invasive species
  HD.3580 Proposal for a legislative amendment to the Constitution relative to voting rights
  HD.3593 An Act relative to building energy and decarbonization
  HD.3666 An Act establishing an Overdose Awareness Day
  HD.3682 An Act empowering towns and cities to protect residents and the environment from harmful pesticides
  HD.3684 An Act relative to out-of-hospital birth access and safety
  HD.3714 An Act ensuring a healthy future for environmental justice communities
  HD.3730 An Act relative to solar for state agencies
  HD.3753 An Act to prevent biomass energy to protect the air we breathe
  HD.3842 An Act promoting urban agriculture and horticulture
  HD.3845 An Act relative to same day voter registration
  HD.3866 An Act providing for a gender neutral designation on state documents and identifications
  HD.3906 An Act relative to enforcing federal law
  HD.3956 An Act relative to time and a half wages
  HD.3978 An Act to further define medical necessity determinations
  HD.4005 An Act to ensure data transparency and vaccine equity in the administration of COVID-19 vaccine doses throughout the Commonwealth
  HD.4021 An Act protecting children's mental health services
* — Legislator is not a sponsor of this measure.