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The 192nd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Representative Timothy R. Whelan Republican - 1st Barnstable

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  HD.222 An Act relative to the civil service hiring of surviving dependents
  HD.223 An Act relative to used police cars sold at auction
  HD.224 An Act relative to licensing of liquor retailers
  HD.225 An Act relative to protecting victims of domestic violence
  HD.226 An Act relative to juvenile justice
  HD.227 An Act relative to police pursuits
  HD.228 An Act relative to the Civilian Marksmanship Program
  HD.229 An Act relative to Mass Port police officers
  HD.230 An Act relative to employees of the Commonwealth who are required to respond to crime scenes
  HD.231 An Act relative to the Old King's Highway Regional District
  HD.232 An Act extending veterans status for the National Guard and reserves
  HD.233 An Act relative to testimony in OUI alcohol cases
  HD.234 An Act increasing penalties for restraining order violations
  HD.235 An Act to reduce litter on the highways of the Commonwealth
  HD.374 An Act to improve child safety
  HD.375 An Act to promote safe dog ownership
  HD.517 An act relative to primary enforcement of seatbelt violations
  HD.1019 An Act relative to emergency response in an active shooter or hostile event situation
  HD.1289 An Act relative to Trial Court data collection
  HD.1291 An Act relative to harbormasters
  HD.1447 An Act relevant to the diverse recruitment and reform of the Massachusetts State Police
  HD.2057 An Act to protect the citizens of the Commonwealth from drunk drivers
  HD.2061 An Act Relative to Disability Retirees and Restoration to Service
  HD.2062 An Act relative to leaving the scene of a motor vehicle crash
* — Legislator is not a sponsor of this measure.