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The 191st General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

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Date Branch Name Submitted By
8/15/2019 House Transitional Aid to Families with Dependent Children Work Participation Report Department of Transitional Assistance
11/7/2018 House Statutory Basis Financial Report 2018 Executive Office of the Comptroller
11/8/2018 House Operational Services Division Fiscal Year 2018 Report Operational Services Division
10/30/2019 Senate Naltrexone Pilot Program Status Update Department of Public Health
10/18/2018 House Bureau of Special Investigations 4th Quarter Report Fiscal Year 2018 Auditor of the Commonwealth
5/23/2019 House Taxonomy Commission Report Taxonomy Commission
5/23/2019 House Department of Transitional Assistance FY19 TAFDC Consolidated Report Department of Transitional Assistance
5/23/2019 House Cannabis Control Commission Annual Audit Report Cannabis Control Commission
10/28/2019 House FY2019 Vendor Quality Improvement Report Group Insurance Commission
10/28/2019 House Final Report Medication-Assisted Treatment Commission
6/26/2019 Senate Juvenile Justice and Policy Data Board Report Juvenile Justice Policy and Data Board
1/22/2019 House FY19 DTA Economic Independence Account Report Department of Transitional Assistance
6/6/2019 House Offshore Wind Study Department of Energy Resources
3/25/2019 House Massachusetts Life Sciences Center - FY18 Annual Report Massachusetts Life Sciences Center
6/27/2019 House Bureau of Special Investigations 3rd Quarter Report Fiscal Year 2019 Auditor of the Commonwealth
6/27/2019 House Improving Students' Behavioral and Mental Health Services - 2019 Report Department of Elementary and Secondary Education
6/27/2019 House 2018 Annual Report of the Commissioner of Banks Division of Banks
5/28/2019 Senate Special Commission to preserve Polish heritage in the Pioneer Valley Special Commission on Polish Heritage
8/30/2019 Senate Benefit Report on Mental Health Treatment Services Center for Health Information and Analysis
10/30/2019 House Preterm Hospital Discharge 2019 Department of Public Health
10/30/2019 House Long Term Care Quality Improvement Fund FY19 Department of Public Health
10/30/2019 House Oct 2019 Cover Letter and Trust Fund Report Department of Unemployment Assistance
10/30/2019 House Aquaria Amended Findings 10/2019 Water Resources Commission
4/8/2019 House Children's Behavioral Health Knowledge Center Annual Report 2018-2019 Department of Mental Health
4/8/2019 House MA Commission on Falls Prevention - DPH 2018 Annual Progress Report Department of Public Health