HOUSE DOCKET, NO. 1874        FILED ON: 1/14/2009

HOUSE  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  No. 2401



The Commonwealth of Massachusetts



In the Year Two Thousand Nine



An Act relative to the oversight of Disability Pension Benefits.  ..


Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives in General Court assembled, and by the authority of the same, as follows:

Subdivision (1) of section 8 of  chapter 32 of the General Laws, as appearing in the 2004 Official Edition, is hereby amended by striking the third sentence and inserting in place thereof the following sentence:- Any member, however, who has been retired for disability under the provisions of               section six or seven for more than ten years  shall be excused from any further evaluations unless the  member submits a written request for such evaluation.