Amendment #2 to H.4179

Providing for the Safety and Health of Abington Residents

Mr. Diehl of Whitman move that the bill be amended inserting in section 2A, in item 6121-1217, by adding the following:- “; provided further, that due to increased traffic, construction and a plan to widen four miles of Route 18 within a mile from an abutting residential area an engineering plan by the Highway Division of the MassDOT be funded to determine the design and implementation of a TypeII noise abatement program between Coburn Lane and Thayer Street on the northbound side of Route 18 in the town of Abington.

This plan shall include the cost, construction details and timetable for completion, with a report date of no later than January 1, 2013”.

Additional Cosponsors
Geoff Diehl