Amendment #40 to H.4198

Health Impact Study

Representatives Madden of Nantucket and DiNatale of Fitchburg move that the bill be amended adding the following new section;

"Section XX. Therefore be it resolved that there shall be a Special Commission on the Health Impacts of Wind Turbines on the citizens of the Commonwealth. Said Commission shall be comprised of the House and Senate Chairmen of the Joint Committee on Public Health as well as the House and Senate ranking minority members on the committee; the House and Senate Chairmen of the Joint Telecommunication and Energy Committee and the ranking House and Senate minority members; the Commissioner of the Department of Public Health or his designee; a scientist who shall be knowledgeable about the health affects of wind turbines who shall be appointed by the Governor; 3 epidemiologists, one who shall be appointed by the Governor, one by the Senate President and one by the Speaker of the House; the Director of the Barnstable County Department of Public Health; the Executive Director or designee of the Berkshire Regional Planning Commission; a municipal health agent to be appointed by the Massachusetts Association of Boards of Health; a member of the Massachusetts Medical Society who shall serve as chair; a member of the Massachusetts Municipal Association knowledgeable about the health effects of wind turbines; and 3 citizens of the Commonwealth living within 3000 feet of an operating wind turbine, one of each to be appointed by the Regional Planning Agencies of the counties of Barnstable, Berkshire and Worcester.

Said Commission shall convene within 30 days of the enactment of this bill and said Commission shall file a report no later than September 30, 2013. Said Commission shall study all facets of the health impacts of windmills, including but not limited to; the effects of low frequency noise on humans and animals, sleep disorders, difficulty with equilibrium, headaches, childhood night terrors, effects on the inner ear, learning and mood disorders, panic attacks, irritability, concentration, and memory, noise, flicker, proximity, size of wind turbine, and wind conditions. Said report shall make recommendations to the General Court on legislation designed to protect the health of the citizens of the Commonwealth which would include: an acceptable distance for siting a wind turbine project near dwellings, businesses, and municipal, commercial and residential property lines; an optimum wind turbine size and design that reduces or lessens health impacts; a recommendation as to whether wind turbine projects should be reviewed by local boards of health as part of the permitting process; and any other matter that may be determined of importance to enhance the protection of the public's health. Until the filing of said report by the Commission, no additional large scale (over 1.25 mw) wind turbines shall be approved for installation anywhere in the Commonwealth."

Additional Cosponsors
Stephen L. DiNatale