Amendment #44 to H.4198

Manufacturer's Warranty

Representatives Madden of Nantucket, DiNatale of Fitchburg, Andrews of Orange and Khan of Newton move that the bill be amended adding the following section:

“SECTION XX. Section 11F of Chapter 25A of the General Laws, as so appearing is hereby amended by inserting the following:

(j) Manufacturers of renewable energy products installed in the Commonwealth shall warranty compliance with state and municipal laws, ordinances and codes existing at the time of installation of new products or facilities, or modification of existing facilities, for a minimum of ten (10) years from the date of installation. Manufacturers shall (i) replace or repair said products at no cost to owners or operators of said facilities, or (ii) remove and replace said products with new products that are compliant with state and municipal laws then existing, or (iii) remove said non-compliant products at the manufacturer’s cost and reimburse the owner of said facility the full cost of the products and related installation, site preparation, removal and site restoration.”

Additional Cosponsors
Stephen L. DiNatale
Denise Andrews
Kay Khan