Westfield Charter

Mr. Knapik moved that the bill be amended by inserting after the word “November”, in line 44, the following words:- “in every odd-numbered year”; by striking out, in lines 196 and 197, the words “, and the General Laws relative to city elections shall apply thereto, except as is otherwise specifically provided in this section”; in section 1, in proposed section 13 of the charter of the city of Westfield, by adding the following paragraph:- “All General Laws regarding city elections shall apply, except as is provided by this charter or by special act of the general court.”; by striking out, in line 595, the figure “30” and inserting in place thereof the following figure:- “35”; and by inserting after the word “measure”, in line 637, the first time it appears, the following words:- “, including a fair and concise summary of each question, which shall be prepared by the city solicitor or counsel for the city”.