Amendment #36 to H.2013

Explaination of Earmarks

Representatives Jones of North Reading and Winslow of Norfolk move that the bill be amended inserting after the proposed Rule 20B the following rule:-

“20C. An “earmark” shall mean an appropriation for a specific program or project not originating with a written agency budget request or not included in the General Appropriation Bill or supplemental appropriation bill from the prior fiscal year.

Each request for an earmark included in an appropriations bill must be memorialized in writing on a form designed by the Clerk. The form must be posted in a readily-accessible location on the House website, listed on a page specifically dedicated to listing earmarks.

The form must include the member’s name who requested the earmark, and an explanation of the earmark requested.

Each request for an earmark included in the House Committee on Ways and Means version of an appropriations bill must be listed on a separate document prepared by the committee and placed on the members’ desk before beginning debate of the appropriations bill on second reading. The document must include the members’ name requesting the earmark, a brief description of the earmark, and such other information as the form may require.

An earmark request made while an appropriation bill is in the Senate and is included in the report of committee of conference. The chair of the House Committee on Ways and Means is charged with providing this form to the House membership.