Amendment #40 to H.2013

Committees to Elect Chair

Representatives Jones of North Reading and Winslow of Norfolk move that the bill be amended order in proposed Rule 18 by striking the language contained in lines 529 to 538, inclusive; and further in proposed Rule 18A by striking the second, third and fourth paragraphs, contained in lines 554 to 568, inclusive, and inserting in place thereof the following: -

“The Speaker and the Minority Leader shall appoint the members of their respective party caucuses to be assigned to each standing committee. The appointments shall be voted upon together and shall be subject to ratification by majority vote of the appropriate party caucus.

No member shall be removed from a standing committee except upon the recommendation of the Speaker or Minority Leader, as the case may be, subject to the ratification by their respective caucuses; provided, however, that the Speaker and the Minority Leader may, without a majority vote of their respective parties, remove a member appointed pursuant to this rule who has been criminally indicted by a court of competent jurisdiction; and provided further, that if any vacancy occurs, subsequent to the initial ratification, the Speaker or Minority Leader shall fill such vacancy.

The Speaker shall announce committee appointments of majority party members. The Minority Leader shall announce committee appointments of minority party members.

Each committee shall elect its own chair, vice chair and ranking minority member.”.