Clarification of Salem Redevelopment Authority Approval and Emergency Preamble

Ms. Lovely moved that the bill be amended in section 1, by inserting after the word “shall”, in line 4, the following words:- “, upon the approval of the Salem Redevelopment Authority,”; and by striking out section 3 and inserting in place thereof the following section:-

“SECTION 3. The Salem Redevelopment Authority shall bear all costs, if any, for the transactions authorized in this act including, but not limited to, all costs for legal work, survey, title and preparation of plans and specifications; provided, however, that any costs and expenses incurred by the Salem Redevelopment Authority to sell the property shall be paid from the gross proceeds of the sale.”; and by inserting before the enacting clause the following emergency preamble:-

“Whereas, The deferred operation of this act would tend to defeat its purpose, which is to authorize forthwith the conveyance of a certain parcel of state-owned land in the city of Salem, therefore it is hereby declared to be an emergency law, necessary for the immediate preservation of the public convenience.”