Amendment #11 to H.3379

Police Authority on Massachusetts Port Authority Property

Mr. Collins of Boston move that the bill be amended by inserting the following section: --

SECTION XX. Section 110 of Chapter 205 of the Acts of 1996 is hereby amended in the first sentence by inserting, after the words “Massachusetts Port Authority properties”, the following:-

“provided, however that any municipal police department that adopts this section, shall have concurrent jurisdiction with the department of the state police in all Massachusetts Port Authority properties located within the municipality, except those properties exclusive to aviation and port operations, and a memorandum of understanding shall be executed, as appropriate and in the interest of public safety, upon consultation with the Massachusetts Port Authority, between the department of state police and the municipal police department that shall include, but not limited to, procedures involving; (i) assignment of police officers; (ii) first responder calls and emergency 911 dispatch; (iii) emergencies occurring on Massachusetts Port Authority properties; (iv) criminal investigations of incidents and crimes; and, (v) arrests and processing of individuals taken into custody”

Additional Cosponsors
Nick Collins