Amendment #91 to H.3382

Establishing a Transportation Finance Advisory Board

Mr. Garballey of Arlington move that the bill be amended by adding at the end thereof the following section:

SECTION X. (a) There shall be a Transportation Finance Advisory Board (board) to the Department with a purpose of reviewing at least annually the adequacy of transportation funding and the Department’s budget and whether the distribution and use of transportation funds is consistent with the laws and policies of the commonwealth and making recommendations related to transportation finance and spending. The board shall publish an annual report of its review and recommendations and shall file the report with the governor, the secretary of transportation, the clerks of the house of representatives and the senate, the house and senate committees on ways and means and the joint committee on transportation.

(b) The governor shall appoint twelve persons to the board for two year terms each. The appointments shall reflect the geographic diversity of the commonwealth and shall include representatives of business, finance, labor, transportation advocacy, environmental advocacy, cities and towns, regional planning authorities, and metropolitan planning organizations. At least one member of the board shall be a person who regularly rides public transit (at least 100 rides per year). Not more than nine members shall be of the same political party. The Secretary of Transportation shall be the 13th member of the board and shall serve ex officio. One of the members shall be appointed by the governor to serve as chairperson of the board; provided, however, that said designee shall not be an employee of the department or any division thereof. Each board member shall serve without compensation but may be reimbursed for actual and necessary expenses reasonably incurred in the performance of their duties, including reimbursement for reasonable travel; provided, however that such reimbursement shall not exceed $500 annually. Any person appointed to fill a member vacancy on the Advisory Board shall be appointed in a like manner and shall serve for only the unexpired term of such former member. Any member shall be eligible for reappointment. Any member may be removed from his appointment by the governor for cause. The board shall annually elect 1 of its members to serve as vice-chairperson.

Seven members shall constitute a quorum and the affirmative vote of a majority of members present at a duly called meeting, if a quorum is present, shall be necessary for any action to be taken by the board. Any action required or permitted to be taken at a board meeting may be taken without a meeting if all of the members’ consent in writing to such action and such written consent is filed with the records of the minutes of the meetings of the board. Such consent shall be treated for all purposes as a vote at a meeting. Each member shall make full disclosure of his financial interest, if any, in matters before the board by notifying the state ethics commission, in writing, and shall abstain from voting on any matter before the board in which he has a financial interest, unless otherwise permissible under chapter 268A.

(c) The Secretary shall annually provide the board with the Annual Finance Plan required by chapter 6C, section 16, of the General Laws, and such other information as the board shall reasonably require.

(d) Any research, analysis or other staff support that the board reasonably requires shall be provided by the department.

(e) Each meeting of the board shall provide a sufficient opportunity for public comment. The board also shall provide at least thirty days for written public comment on a draft annual report and shall take the comments received into consideration before publishing its annual report.

Additional Cosponsors
Sean Garballey