Amendment #10 to H.3492


Representatives Winslow of Norfolk and Gifford of Wareham move that the bill be amended in section 1, in line 10, by inserting after the word “funds” the following:-

“; provided, that any housing funded in whole or part by this act which is restricted to families or individuals meeting income eligibility guidelines shall also be required to answer a questionnaire in a form prepared by the state auditor not to exceed two pages in length disclosing whether any such individuals or family members own real estate and the location of such real estate, own any recreational vehicle, own any boat or watercraft, own or lease any motor vehicle including the year of manufacture, make and model, own any jewelry other than wedding bands and engagement rings and the estimated value thereof, subscribe to any magazines, subscribe to cable television other than basic cable services, smoke tobacco products and the quantity and weekly cost thereof, possess a credit card with a credit limit in excess of $3,000, own any stocks or mutual funds or investments, are claimed by any person as a dependent in state or federal income tax returns for the past or current year if over the age of 18 years, or have admitted to or been convicted of possession or distribution of any illicit controlled substance. The questionnaire also shall include a consent by such individuals or heads of household for the state auditor to access public and private databases to confirm the accuracy of the information stated in the questionnaire”.
Additional Cosponsors
Susan Williams Gifford