Amendment #2 to H.3535

Municipal Gas Tax Exemption

Representatives Jones of North Reading, Peterson of Grafton, Hill of Ipswich, Poirier of North Attleborough and deMacedo of Plymouth move that the bill be amended by inserting after SECTION 44 (as printed) the following section:—

“SECTION XX. Chapter 64A of the General Laws, as appearing in the 2010 Official Edition, is hereby amended by inserting, after section 7A, the following section:—

Section 7B. The sale of fuel to a city or town which having consumed the same for any municipal purpose shall be exempt from the excise established by this chapter.”

Additional Cosponsors
Bradley H. Jones, Jr.
Viriato Manuel deMacedo
Bradford Hill
George N. Peterson, Jr.
Elizabeth A. Poirier