Amendment #16 to H.3700

Ventless Trap Survey

Representatives Peake of Provincetown, Vieira of Falmouth, Turner of Dennis, Cantwell of Marshfield, Nyman of Hanover, Schmid of Westport, Hunt of Sandwich, Ferrante of Gloucester, Conroy of Wayland, Ashe of Longmeadow and Madden of Nantucket move that the bill be amended in Section 2 by inserting the following new item:

2330-0100 For the operation of the division of marine fisheries, provided that $250,000 shall be expended for the conduct of investigations of invertebrate species and fisheries in coastal waters including a ventless lobster trap survey employing the services of contracted fishing vessels

Additional Cosponsors
David T. Vieira
Cleon H. Turner
James M. Cantwell
Rhonda Nyman
Paul A. Schmid, III
Randy Hunt
Ann-Margaret Ferrante
Thomas P. Conroy
Brian M. Ashe
Timothy R. Madden