Amendment #21 to H.3700

Appropriations for a Wheelchair Accessable Playground

Representatives Mannal of Barnstable and Turner of Dennis move that the bill be amended by adding at the end thereof the following new section: "SECTION XXXX. For a matching grant for the town of Barnstable to participate with the Centerville Civic Association or any other entity; provided that not less than $30,000 be appropriated to be used: (a) to review the technical and logistical aspects of removing and redesigning the concrete wheelchair ramp at the Centerville playground, located next to the Centerville Recreation Center on Main Street in the village of Centerville in the town of Barnstable; (b) should it be determined by the Town of Barnstable and Centerville Civic Association that the funds not be needed for this match, said funds shall remain available as a grant for the removal and/or repair of the existing wheelchair ramp and/or construction of a new wheelchair accessible ramp at said location."
Additional Cosponsors
Cleon H. Turner