Amendment #31 to H.3700

Eliminating the Western Turnpike Tolls

Mr. Frost move that the bill be amended by inserting at the end thereof the following:-

“SECTION XX. Chapter 29 of the acts of 2009 is hereby amended by striking section 173 and inserting in place thereof the following:-

Section 173. Notwithstanding any general or special law to the contrary, the turnpike , operated and maintained by the Massachusetts Department of Transportation, shall be operated and maintained free of tolls: (i) when all notes and bonds issued by the department relating to the turnpike and payable from turnpike revenues have been paid or a sufficient amount for the payment of all such notes or bonds and the interest thereon, to the maturity thereof, shall have been set aside in trust for the benefit of the holders of such notes or bonds; or (ii) on January 1, 2017, whichever occurs first. For the purposes of this section, “turnpike” shall have the same meaning as under section 1 of chapter 6C.”.