Amendment #34 to H.3700

Dedicating Turnpike Toll Revenue for Use on the Turnpike

Representatives Humason of Westfield, Boldyga of Southwick and Frost of Auburn move that the bill be amended by inserting at the end thereof the following:-

“SECTION XX. Subsection (a) of section 13 of chapter 6C, as appearing in the 2012 Official Edition, is hereby amended by inserting after the word “purposes” in lines 13 and 14, the following:- ; provided however, that no tolls so fixed and adjusted over the turnpike may be expended to pay for the costs incurred related to the metropolitan highway system including, but not limited to, the cost of owning, constructing, maintaining, repairing, reconstructing, improving, rehabilitating, policing, using, administering, controlling and operating the metropolitan highway system; and (ii) the principal of, redemption premium, if any, and the interest on notes or bonds relating to the metropolitan highway system as the same shall become due and payable.”.

Additional Cosponsors
Nicholas A. Boldyga
Paul K. Frost