Amendment #44 to H.3700

Appropriation for environmental consideration

Mr. Mannal move that the bill be amended By adding the following section:

SECTION XXXX. For a matching grant for the Town of Barnstable to work with the Three Bays Preservation, Inc., the Liberty Hall Club, the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, the National Marine Fisheries Service Community-based Restoration Program to continue efforts initiated in 1992 to maintain and improve the Marstons Mills River, its adjacent Middle Pond, and the Marstons Mills herring run; provided that not less than $20,000 be appropriated to be used (a) to assist with the rebuilding of the river's 1,200 foot-long fish ladder in a location that allows migrating herring to pass through during times of low water level and to construct a dam that will prevent the herring from passing into adjacent cranberry bog ditches where they often become trapped and die; and (b) should it be determined by the Town of Barnstable and the above-referenced entities that the funds are not required for this match, said funds shall remain available as a grant to the Town of Barnstable for the ongoing maintenance and upkeep of the Marstons Mills herring run.