Amendment #12, as changed to H.3772

Study of Duplicate Name Checking for Voting

Mr. Rogers of Cambridge move that the bill be amended by striking out section 7 and inserting in place thereof the following section:-

" SECTION 7. (a) There shall be established an elections task force. The task force shall undertake a study of the effectiveness of the first election involving early voting pursuant to section 25B of chapter 54 of the General Laws. Said study shall include an analysis of: (1) the state and local costs of providing early voting; (2) the administrative requirements of implementing and providing early voting, including their impact on municipal clerks offices during the early voting period; (3) any instance of fraudulent voting or voter impersonation; (4) success in reducing the length of lines, waiting therein, and congestion at polling places on election day; (5) success in increasing voter turnout; and (6) the efficacy of checking names in early voting locations pursuant to section 67 of chapter 54 of General Laws, notwithstanding use of voting machines in that city or town.

(b) The task force shall consist of the house and senate chairs of the joint committee on election laws; the speaker of the house of representatives or a designee; the president of the senate or a designee; the house minority leader or a designee; the senate minority leader or a designee; the state secretary or a designee; 1 representatives of the Massachusetts Town Clerks Association;1 representative of the Massachusetts City Clerks’ Association; and 1 representative of the election laws advocacy community designated by the chairmen of the joint committee on election laws.

(c) The task force shall submit its report and recommendations, together with drafts of legislation to carry its recommendations into effect, to the joint committee on election laws and the state secretary no later than April 1, 2017."