Amendment #20 to H.3920

An Amendment to Preserve Parkland

Representatives Livingstone of Boston and Rushing of Boston move that the bill be amended in Section 13, in line 273 by striking out the word “buildings” and inserting in place thereof the word “building”; and by adding after the word “police.” in line 275 the following: - “The transfer shall not include more than approximately 24,000 square feet of surface area and shall not include a parcel greater in surface area than the current parcel used by the state police, which includes one building and approximately 24 parking spaces, which is contained within the boundary created by Historic Lock Path, the sidewalks adjacent to the McGrath Highway and Storrow Drive, the jersey barriers that form the border of the existing state police parking lot, and a line perpendicular to the Historic Lock Path and eight feet from the northeast corner of the Stop Plank building/gate house. No property shall be transferred that interferes with the access to the Esplanade Parkland and, specifically, the transfer shall not include or cause interference with public pedestrian access to the existing the original lock, two gate houses, Historic Lock Path, the existing tennis courts and adjacent parking, the Leverett Circle pedestrian bridge project, or future lock crossing access. The transfer shall not be completed until the state police receive all environmental and historic preservation approvals necessary for any reconstruction or refurbishing of the property that the state police propose.”
Additional Cosponsors
Byron Rushing