Amendment #1 to H.414

Relative to school improvement plans

Mr. Speliotis move that the bill be amended by striking out sections 2 and 3 and inserting in place thereof the following section:

"SECTION 2. The principal of each school, in consultation with the school council established pursuant to this section, shall on an annual basis, in conformity with the provisions of section 1I of chapter 69, develop and submit to the district superintendent a plan for improving student performance. The superintendent shall review and recommend the plan to the school committee; provided, however, that a school committee may designate the superintendent to review and approve the plan on its behalf. Plans shall be prepared in a manner and form prescribed by the department of elementary and secondary education and shall conform to any policies and practices of the district consistent therewith. Action to approve or disapprove a school improvement plan shall be completed within 45 days of the recommendation from the superintendent; otherwise the plan shall be deemed to have been approved. In the event that the superintendent does not recommend the plan, the plan shall be returned to the principal who shall, after consultation with the school council, resubmit the plan to the superintendent who shall review and recommend the plan to the school committee for approval, consistent with any comments of the superintendent and the school committee. Failing such plan recommendation by the superintendent by July 1 of each year, or such approval by the school committee by August 16 of each year, a subcommittee consisting of the school committee chair or other member designated by the chair, the superintendent, or his designee, and a parent member of the school council chosen by the school council shall have the authority to establish the plan.".