Further Amendment #12.1 to H.55

Further amendment to #12

Mr. Fattman of Sutton move that the amendment be amended by adding at the end the following section:

"Section XX. Notwithstanding any special or general law to the contrary, the office of the inspector general, the attorney general, and the auditor shall develop a plan to remove responsibility from the department of transitional assistance, all fraud prevention and section effort performed by the department of transitional assistance, including but not limited to, the fraud hotline, program integrity unit, investigation of program violations, hearing for program violations, and Fraud and or Overpayment Referral Screening and file with the clerk and the house by April 1, 2013. the budget of the department shall be decreased by the amount currently appropriated to fun all fraud prevention and detection efforts; provided that the budget of the office of the inspector shall be increase by said amount. The plan shall be implemented within 45 days or reporting back to the clerk and the House.".