Further Amendment #13.1 to H.55

further to 13

Mr. Kulik of Worthington move that the amendment be amended Mr. Kulik of Worthington moves to further amend amendment 13 to House bill 55 by striking out the amendment in its entirety and inserting in place thereof the following amendment:-

The joint committee on higher education shall investigate and report on the impact to the public institutions of higher education in the commonwealth in accepting new students who are now eligible for work permits under the federal Deferred Action Executive Order. The committee shall include in its report an explanation of the Deferred Action Executive Order on the status of non-citizens who reside in the commonwealth; the Board of Higher Education’s regulatory authority to admit any new students who have been impacted by such an executive order; the fiscal impact of admitting such students; and any benefits or detriments associated with new admissions to the public institutions of higher education. The committee will submit its report to the House and Senate Committees on Ways and Means on or before July 1, 2013.