Amendment #11 to S.1806

Televisions and Electronics

Mr. McMurtry of Dedham move that the bill be amended by inserting the following sections:-

SECTION XX. Section 5I(b) of chapter 18 of the General Laws is hereby amended by adding after the word “jewelry;” the following words:- “televisions; stereos; video games or consoles;”

SECTION XX. Section 5J of chapter 18 of the General Laws is hereby amended by striking out subsection (a) and inserting in place thereof the following:-

(a) The department shall maintain policies and practices as necessary to prevent cash assistance provided under this chapter from being used in any electronic benefit transfer transaction at: liquor stores; casinos, gambling casinos or gaming establishments licensed pursuant to chapter 23K; retail establishments which provide adult-oriented entertainment in which performers disrobe or perform in an unclothed state for entertainment, as defined in Section 408(a) of the Social Security Act, as amended; adult bookstores or adult paraphernalia stores, as defined in section 9A of chapter 40A; firearms dealers licensed under section 122 of chapter 140 and ammunitions dealers licensed pursuant to section 122B of chapter 140; tattoo parlors; manicure shops or aesthetic shops registered pursuant to chapter 112; jewelry stores; or on cruise ships. Such establishments shall not accept electronic benefits transfer cards. A store owner who knowingly allows a prohibited electronic benefit transfer transaction in violation of this section or subsection (b) of section 5I shall be punished by a fine of not more than $500 for a first offense, by a fine of not less than $500 nor more than $2,500 for a second offense and by a fine of not less than $2,500 for a third or subsequent offense.