Amendment #24 to S.1806

DTA Comprehensive Assessment

Representatives Kaufman of Lexington, Gordon of Bedford, Balser of Newton, Cullinane of Boston, Livingstone of Boston, Hecht of Watertown, Lewis of Winchester, Keefe of Worcester, Andrews of Orange, Decker of Cambridge, Rogers of Cambridge, Farley-Bouvier of Pittsfield and Provost of Somerville move that the bill be amended in section 11 by inserting after the words “employment assessment process”, in line 177, the following words:-

The initial comprehensive assessment shall be an individualized, in-depth assessment designed to create a holistic profile of the recipient by identifying physical and mental wellbeing, disabilities, education level, experience level, employability level, skills, vocational interest and aptitude, weaknesses, strengths, and goals; and identify all barriers to employment and all support services necessary for program participation or employment. Upon completion of the comprehensive assessment, recipients of cash assistance under transitional aid to families with dependent children shall receive an orientation from the department that includes an overview of the cash assistance program components, available resources and referrals, recipient requirements, and a summary of the recipient’s rights and responsibilities, along with other education information as described in section 4 (t) and (u) of this chapter. Assessments shall be completed during the recipient’s first 30 days of receiving benefits.

Additional Cosponsors
Kenneth I. Gordon
Ruth B. Balser
Daniel Cullinane
Jay Livingstone
Jonathan Hecht
Jason M. Lewis
Mary S. Keefe
Denise Andrews
Marjorie C. Decker
David M. Rogers
Tricia Farley-Bouvier
Denise Provost