Amendment #44 to S.1806

Immigrant Sponsor Asset Check

Representatives Jones of North Reading, Peterson of Grafton, Hill of Ipswich, Poirier of North Attleborough and deMacedo of Plymouth move that the bill be amended move to amend the bill by adding the following section:-

“SECTION XX. Notwithstanding any special or general law to the contrary, the Department of Transitional Assistance must conduct an identity authentication and a national asset check of sponsors of persons with permanent resident status prior to awarding cash or SNAP benefits to said permanent resident. If the applicant is found to have a sponsor, the sponsor’s assets shall be used in determining income eligibility of said applicant for cash or SNAP benefits.”.

Additional Cosponsors
George N. Peterson, Jr.
Elizabeth A. Poirier
Bradford Hill
Viriato Manuel deMacedo