Amendment #47 to S.1806

Amendment relative to resident status

Representatives O'Connell of Taunton, Cole of Peabody, Diehl of Whitman, Kuros of Uxbridge and Lyons of Andover move that the bill be amended by adding the following section:-

“Section XX: The immigration status of all SNAP, TAEDC and EAEDC applicants shall be verified for lawful permanent resident status. Notwithstanding any special or general law to the contrary, benefits shall not be granted to lawful permanent residents who have resided in Massachusetts for less than 5 years. If a waiver is granted to award benefits to a lawful permanent resident with less than 5 years residency, the department of transitional assistance shall check and verify the assets of the sponsor of said lawful permanent resident; provided that such check may be waived if the applicant is applying for self-petition under a federally protected status including but not limited to battered spouse, children and parents. The department of transitional assistance shall file a quarterly report detailing the number of SNAP, TAEDC and EAEDC recipients with less than 5 years of lawful permanent resident status receiving benefits.”

Additional Cosponsors
Leah Cole
Geoff Diehl
Kevin J. Kuros
James J. Lyons, Jr.