Amendment #48 to S.1806

Limiting Cash Access for High-Risk Grantees

Representatives Jones of North Reading, Peterson of Grafton, Hill of Ipswich, Poirier of North Attleborough and deMacedo of Plymouth move that the bill be amended move to amend the bill by inserting at the end thereof the following new section:-

“SECTION XX. a) The department of transitional assistance shall develop a system to exclude cash access and alternatively provide benefits in the form of vendor payments, special service payments, protective payments or vouchers to not less than 10 per cent of grantees; provided, however, that said vendor payments, special service payments, protective payments or vouchers shall be issued to grantees the department determines to be most likely to be using assistance benefits against the best interest of the child or most at risk of improper or illegal use of assistance benefits. When determining grantees that shall be excluded from cash access, the department may consider any evidence it believes relevant to identifying misuse or high-risk grantees, including but not limited to the following: (i) failure to pay shelter costs, including, but not limited to, rent, heat, fuel and utilities; (ii) prior intentional program violations; (iii) evidence that the grantee is living above the means said grantee represented in his or her representations to the department; (iv) 2 or more card replacement requests; (v) fraud determinations in other state or federal benefit programs; (vi) even dollar transactions; (vii) out of state card activity; (viii) manual card entry; (ix) full supplemental nutritional assistance program balance withdrawals; or (x) multiple transactions within one hour.

(b) The department shall promulgate all rules and regulations necessary to carry out this section.”.
Additional Cosponsors
Viriato Manuel deMacedo
Bradford Hill
George N. Peterson, Jr.
Elizabeth A. Poirier