Amendment #5 to S.1885

Protecting the Sanctity of Military Funerals

Mr. Cantwell move that the bill be amended by striking Section 23 in its entirety and inserting in place the following paragraphs:

Chapter 272 of the General Laws is hereby amended by inserting after section 42A the following section:

Section 42B. Whoever willfully pickets, loiters or otherwise creates a disturbance, during the 60 minutes immediately preceding the scheduled starting time of a military funeral or memorial service, or during the 60 minutes immediately following a funeral or memorial service, and at any time within 500 feet of a funeral home, church, temple, burial or other building where military funeral services are being held, shall be punished by a fine of not more than $2,000 or by imprisonment for not more than 2 years in a house of correction, or both.

If any part of section 42B is declared invalid or unconstitutional, it is the intent of the legislature that the remaining portions of sections of 42B shall remain and be in full force and effect.