Protecting and Preserving the Groundfish Industry

Mr. Tarr moved that the bill be amended by inserting in Section 2 the following new item:-

xxxx-xxxx For the division of marine fisheries; provided, that the division shall develop a plan to protect, preserve and strengthen the commonwealth’s commercial domestic harvest capacity of groundfish in response to the crisis occurring from federal allowable catch reductions; provided further, that in the development of said plan, the division shall conduct not less than three public hearings in geographically diverse coastal commercial fishing ports, and shall consider strategies including but not limited to: direct grants to commercial fishing vessel owners and crews, the purchase lease and banking of commercial groundfish permits and/or catch quota, loans, guarantees and subsidies, the lease of commercial fishing vessels for research and other academic purposes and other mechanisms to prevent the extinction or outmigration of commercial groundfish capacity and allowable catch of commercial groundfish from the commonwealth; provided further, that said plan shall consider and include all areas of the state and all gear types for harvesting, including trawls, gillnets, hooks and seines; provided further, that said plan, together with cost estimates and necessary legislative and regulatory actions required for implementation, shall be reported to the clerks fo the house and senate not later than December 31, 2013……..$50,000