Inactive Voters

Mr. Kennedy moved that the bill be amended by striking out section 4 and inserting in place thereof the following section:-

“SECTION 4. Section 37 of said chapter 51, as appearing in the 2012 Official Edition, is hereby amended by striking out the sixth through eighth sentences, inclusive, and inserting in place thereof the following 3 sentences:- They shall, on or before the first Monday of June subsequent to a general election for federal office, send notice in writing to each voter who has not responded to the most recent street listing and whose name has not been entered into the most recent annual register that the name of the voter (i) shall be placed on an inactive voters list if the voter fails to respond to the notice and (ii) may be removed from the voting list after the voter fails to respond to the notice and does not vote in the next 2 general elections for federal office following the mailing of the notice. The notice shall (i) be postage prepaid; (ii) contain a preaddressed and postage prepaid return card; (iii) be sent by forwardable mail; (iv) instruct the voter to return the card before the last day to register if the voter did not change residence from the city or town; and (v) contain additional information about remaining eligible to vote, as prescribed by the state secretary. The registrars shall prepare an inactive voters list, which shall be open to public inspection in their principal offices, and shall be posted by copy under the same schedule of times and in the places where copies of voting lists are required to be posted under section 57."