Amendment #10 to S.2021

Contaminants of Energing Concern

Mr. Turner of Dennis move that the bill be amended in SECTION 27 by inserting after the definition of "Comprehensive Wastewater Management Plan", the following definition:

"Contaminants of Emerging Concern" or :CECs" shall mean chemicals that have been recently detected in the environment and that may pose health or ecological risks. CECs include but are not limited to pharmaceuticals and personal care products.

And that the Bill be further amended by inserting after Section 16(6) in SECTION 36 if the Bill the following two new sections:

(7) The applicant shall have adopted and implemented a plan, approved by the department, to monitor, manage and treat CECs as required by the department, in a new discharge in order to protect coastal waters.

(8) The applicant has adopted land use controls, subject to review and approval of the department in consultation with the executive office of housing and economic development and, where applicable, any regional land use regulatory entity, intended to limit wastewater flows to the amount authorized under zoning and wastewater regulations as of the date of the approval of CWMP.