Amendment #12 to S.2021

Matching Grants for Communities Joining the MWRA

Mr. Walsh of Framingham move that the bill be amended in section 9, in line 57, by striking the words “on a 1:1 basis” and insert in place thereof the following words:-

"between a 1:10 and 1:1 basis"

and further moves to amend said section 9, in line 63, by inserting after the word “system.” the following sentences:-

"The department, in consultation with the relevant regional planning agency or regional planning agencies, shall award said grants on a scale between a 1:10 match up to a 1:1 match, based on the satisfaction of the following criteria by the local governmental unit or regional local governmental unit, including but not limited to: the use of seasonal rate pricing or other demand management measures; meeting or exceeding state water conservation standards; evaluation and implementation of inflow and infiltration reduction measures; onsite recharge of stormwater to the maximum extent feasible for new development and redevelopment; adoption of a current local master plan and consistent zoning that allows for dense and mixed-use development in identified places such as ones that have been identified as Priority Development Areas, are within one-half mile of public transportation or city or town centers, or are previously developed land; local zoning that encourages open space residential design through by-right development or a density bonus; and the adoption of a bylaw or ordinance that promotes Low Impact Development and green infrastructure. Should the local governmental unit or regional local governmental unit fail to abide by the satisfied criteria, the local governmental unit or regional local governmental unit shall return a portion of the money granted under this section to the department, as determined by the department."