Amendment #2 to S.2021

Wastewater Management

Ms. Peake of Provincetown move that the bill be amended by adding the following section:

SECTION XX. Chapter 716 of the Acts of 1989 is hereby amended by adding to the end of the last sentence of subsection 13(b) the following:

“provided, however, that for any plan or project proposed by a public or quasi-public entity for managing wastewater, watersheds, water resources, or water quality, the commission may conduct the public hearing referred to in subsection (a) and issue the decision referred to in subsection (e) jointly and/or prior to or concurrent with the issuance of a certificate by the secretary of energy and environmental affairs or a successor agency certifying compliance with said sections sixty-one to sixty-two H, inclusive, of chapter thirty of the General Laws, and provided further that, notwithstanding subsection (e), the commission may specify in its decision the period for which the development of regional impact is valid and effective and municipal development permits may be issued pursuant thereto, which period may be different than seven years.” ; and by adding a new section 13(l): 13(I) The commission and any public agency may enter into agreements to expedite permitting for nutrient remediation and other water quality improvement plans and projects. Notwithstanding the provisions of 12 and 13 of this act, the commission shall review developments of regional impact for managing wastewater, watersheds, water resources, or water quality for consistency with any approved area wide water quality management plan created at the direction of the governor of the commonwealth of Massachusetts pursuant to the U.S. Clean Water Act.