Amendment #21 to S.2021

Criteria for Additional Financial Assistance

Representatives Conroy of Wayland, Campbell of Methuen, Gordon of Bedford, Farley-Bouvier of Pittsfield, McMurtry of Dedham, Andrews of Orange, Rogers of Cambridge, Schmid of Westport, Smizik of Brookline, Gobi of Spencer, Walsh of Framingham, Pignatelli of Lenox, Mahoney of Worcester, Lawn of Watertown, Kafka of Stoughton, Moran of Lawrence, Provost of Somerville, Decker of Cambridge, Benson of Lunenburg, Fiola of Fall River and Dykema of Holliston move that the bill be amended in section 19, in lines 180-188, by striking out subsection (e), and inserting in place thereof the following subsection:-

“(e) The department shall promulgate regulations under section 7 establishing the types of eligible projects and criteria that the department shall use to evaluate applications for additional financial assistance, including principal forgiveness and additional financial incentives. The financial assistance and financial incentives provided under these regulations shall be made available to projects appearing in the department’s 2014 intended use plan and subsequent years. Such criteria shall include, but not be limited to, the following requirements, any 1 of which shall be sufficient to qualify the project for assistance: (i) the project is pursuant to a regional wastewater management plan that has been adopted by a regional planning agency with regulatory authority; (ii) the project is necessary to connect a local or regional local governmental unit to a facility of the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority, if the local or regional local governmental unit has paid or committed to pay the entry fee of that authority; (iii) the project is a green infrastructure project, as defined in section 26A of chapter 21, with consideration being given to projects that effectively combine green infrastructure with wastewater infrastructure and drinking water infrastructure projects; (iv) the project uses regional water resources to offset, by at least 100 per cent, the impact of water withdrawals on local water resources in the watershed basin of the receiving community; (v) the project is a direct result of a disaster affecting the service area that is the subject of a declaration of emergency by the governor; (vi) the project is intended to provide public water supply to consumers whose groundwater or public or private wells are impacted by contamination; or (vii) the program is an innovative water project utilizing new technology, which improves environmental or treatment quality, reduces cost, increases access and availability of water, conserves water or energy or improves management, in the areas of drinking water, wastewater, stormwater, groundwater or coastal resources; provided, that the project has not been fully implemented, other than as a pilot project, previously in the commonwealth.”

Additional Cosponsors
Linda Campbell
Kenneth I. Gordon
Tricia Farley-Bouvier
Paul McMurtry
Denise Andrews
David M. Rogers
Paul A. Schmid, III
Frank I. Smizik
Anne M. Gobi
Chris Walsh
William Smitty Pignatelli
John J. Mahoney
John J. Lawn, Jr.
Louis L. Kafka
Frank A. Moran
Denise Provost
Marjorie C. Decker
Jennifer E. Benson
Carole Fiola
Carolyn C. Dykema