Bill Num. Title / Summary Sponsor
H.1816 An Act regulating the use of recording devices in motor vehicles David M. Torrisi
H.926 An Act relative to speed limits Timothy R. Madden
H.919 An Act relative to vehicles leading funeral processions. Peter J. Koutoujian
H.953 An Act relative to reckless or negligent operation of a motor vehicle. Thomas M. Stanley
S.1795 An Act increasing protection against drivers under the influence of drugs. Bruce E. Tarr
S.1717 An Act increasing the penalties violating speed limits in school zones. Steven A. Baddour
H.936 An Act relative to the use of headlights on motor vehicles Elizabeth A. Poirier
H.2633 An Act providing for seatbelts in school buses Antonio F. D. Cabral
S.1734 An Act to increase the speed limit on US Route 3 Kenneth J. Donnelly
H.955 An Act relative to motorist safety. Cleon H. Turner
H.910 An Act to expand the move over law for utility vehicles Michael A. Costello
H.956 An Act relative to motorist safety from commercial vehicles. Cleon H. Turner
H.922 An Act relative to the use of headlights. David Paul Linsky
H.1791 An Act designating a certain bridge in the town of Bolton as the Harold E. Brown Jr. memorial bridge Kate Hogan
H.944 An Act relative to funeral processions. Tom Sannicandro
S.1731 An Act regarding the penalties for drag racing. Cynthia S. Creem
H.951 An Act to exempt the weight of idle reduction systems for commercial vehicles from maximum weight restrictions Theodore C. Speliotis
H.912 An Act relative to the acceptance of streets as public ways in the city of Woburn James J. Dwyer
H.1807 An Act relative to buses Vincent A. Pedone
H.914 An Act to establish the speed limit for US Route 3 Sean Garballey
S.1733 An Act relative to the protection of motorists and residential neighborhoods Sal N. DiDomenico
S.1760 An Act provide for an air bag on-off switch to ensure safety to women, children and individuals with medical conditions. Thomas M. McGee
H.1785 An Act providing for an air medal license plate Stephen R. Canessa
H.1784 An Act designating a certain roundabout in the town of Freetown as the Navy Petty Officer Second Class Tyler J. Trahan Memorial Roundabout Stephen R. Canessa
S.1797 An Act relative to increasing the civil fines and financial responsibilities and criminal penalties of motorists who violate the right of way of other motorists, motorcyclists, bicyclists and/or pedestrians, resulting in serious bodily injury and/or death Bruce E. Tarr
H.916 An Act relative to the inspection of certain motor vehicles Bradford Hill
H.942 An Act relative to red and blue flashing, rotating or oscillating lights Kathi-Anne Reinstein
H.1788 An Act relative to the uniform operation of motor vehicles Robert F. Fennell
H.917 An Act to promote school zone safety Kevin G. Honan
H.918 An Act permitting the use of traffic control signal violation monitoring system devices as a means of promoting traffic safety in the cities of the Commonwealth Kevin G. Honan
H.954 An Act relative to the use of headlights on motor vehicles Timothy J. Toomey, Jr.
S.1744 An Act requiring the use of headlights in inclement weather. Robert L. Hedlund
S.1746 An Act relative to ignition interlock devices. Robert L. Hedlund
S.1778 An Act concerning the safety of school children embarking and disembarking school buses Marc R. Pacheco
H.1800 An Act to require the use of headlights on motor vehicles during any period in which windshield wipers are also in use Robert M. Koczera
H.1808 An Act relative to speed limits Denise Provost
H.2665 An Act to reduce the cost of constructing or improving roads Daniel B. Winslow
H.1799 An Act permitting the use of automated road safety camera systems as a means of promoting traffic safety in the cities of the Commonwealth John D. Keenan
H.1782 An Act requiring audible warning devices for certain motor vehicles Demetrius J. Atsalis
H.2641 An Act relative to bridge safety on Massachusetts highways Anne M. Gobi
H.1798 An Act relative to electric vehicles Michael F. Kane
H.2654 An Act guranteeing consumer ownership of, privacy of, and access to motor vehicle computer data James J. O'Day
S.1770 An Act relative propane powered vehicles Michael O. Moore
H.2634 An Act relative to roadway re-openings and safety. Geraldine M. Creedon
S.1773 An Act relative to drowsy driving Richard T. Moore
S.1814 An Act relative to inspections for new automobiles. Daniel A. Wolf
H.2649 An Act relative to commercial vehicle inspections Louis L. Kafka
H.2650 An Act relative to the transportation of swimming pools Michael F. Kane
S.1772 An Act clarifying the definition of commercial motor vehicles Richard T. Moore
H.3081 An Act relative to motor vehicles Paul McMurtry
H.3247 An Act relative to speed limits Alice Hanlon Peisch
S.1741 An Act designating a certain bridge in the city of Leominster as the Jonathan Roberge Memorial Bridge Jennifer L. Flanagan
S.1750 An Act relating to speeding in breakdown lanes Robert L. Hedlund