Bill Num. Title / Summary Sponsor
H.2613 An Act to reduce coal burning and use Lori A. Ehrlich
S.1640 An Act to protect motor fuel service station owners. Steven A. Baddour
H.1777 An Act relative to Ch. 91 licensing David B. Sullivan
H.2612 An Act to phase out coal burning Lori A. Ehrlich
H.882 An Act requiring fuel additives to diesel fuel. Todd M. Smola
H.2614 An Act relative to a coal-free Commonwealth Lori A. Ehrlich
S.1674 An Act relative to gasoline prices. Robert L. Hedlund
H.2625 An Act to eliminate coal burning and use Tom Sannicandro
H.2605 An Act to reduce gasoline prices Antonio F. D. Cabral
H.3055 An Act relating to hydraulic fracturing Sean Garballey