Bill Num. Title / Summary Sponsor
S.1395 An Act relative to dental insurance for certain retirees. Steven A. Tolman
H.681 An Act Regulating Appeals under the Group Insurance Commission. Viriato Manuel deMacedo
H.682 An Act Relative to Health Insurance for Surviving Spouses. Viriato Manuel deMacedo
S.1263 An Act to authorize group insurance for volunteer firefighters. Stephen M. Brewer
H.3254 An Act relative to the Cotuit Fire District David T. Vieira
H.2456 An Act relative to employee plus one plans Bradley H. Jones, Jr.
H.2455 An Act relative to Commonwealth contribution for lowest cost plan Bradley H. Jones, Jr.
H.2478 An Act relating to public school employment during the summer months Alice Hanlon Peisch
S.1281 An Act relative to the civil service eligibility of the son of a retired firefighter Katherine M. Clark
S.1288 An Act relative to dental insurance for certain retired teachers. Kenneth J. Donnelly
S.1373 An Act to make habilitative services available to the children of the Commonwealth Karen E. Spilka
H.2419 An Act relative to public hearings of the group insurance commission Tackey Chan
H.2425 An Act relative to Group Health Insurance Commission Tackey Chan
H.2951 An Act reducing the Commonwealth's unfunded healthcare liability Ryan C. Fattman
H.732 An Act forbidding GIC from making mid-year plan design changes Christopher N. Speranzo
H.744 An Act relative to the GIC Martin J. Walsh
S.1350 An Act relative to health insurance for surviving spouses Marc R. Pacheco
H.1612 An Act to provide for appropriations by a city or town for a trust fund to provide for future liabilities of health insurance for retirees of such cities or towns. Kevin G. Honan
S.1346 An Act Relative to the contributions of certain employees in the town of Plymouth Therese Murray
S.1347 An Act regarding summer seasonal employees in the Division of State Parks and Recreation in the Department of Conservation. Marc R. Pacheco
S.1280 An Act relative to domestic partners Sonia Chang-Diaz
H.2935 An Act relative to health reimbursement accounts Nick Collins
H.2443 An Act to provide affordable health insurance through the Group Insurance Commission John P. Fresolo
H.2453 An Act to increase access to health services Kate Hogan
H.2487 An Act relative to health insurance for early education and care providers and their employees Martin J. Walsh
H.2474 An Act relative to retiree health benefits Jay R. Kaufman
H.2967 An Act relative to the order of placement of a certain person on the civil service eligibility list Eugene L. O'Flaherty
H.2966 An Act authorizing Edward Grace to take the civil service examination Eugene L. O'Flaherty
H.3412 An Act relative to certain employees of the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority Nick Collins
H.3223 An Act relative to minimum requirements for municipal health plan coverage James Arciero