Bill Num. Title / Summary Sponsor
H.216 An Act authorizing and directing the Division of Waterways to dredge the harbor area surrounding the Squantum Yacht Club and Wollaston Yacht Club in Quincy Bruce J. Ayers
S.389 An Act to promote the viability and sustainability of commercial fisheries in the Commonwealth Bruce E. Tarr
H.3402 An Act relocating certain harbor lines in the Fairhaven and New Bedford Harbors William M. Straus
H.2014 An Act relative to protecting the natural resources of the Commonwealth Peter V. Kocot
H.247 An Act relative to spear fishing Sarah K. Peake
H.1851 An Act relative to the markings of lobster buoys William M. Straus
H.2009 An Act to protect the right whale Peter V. Kocot
H.2016 An Act relative to conserving bluefin tuna Peter V. Kocot
H.2015 An Act relative to inshore resource depletion Peter V. Kocot
H.3407 An Act providing for boating safety training Thomas J. Calter
H.1997 An Act to provide for the statewide conservation of inland fisheries and wildlife Anne M. Gobi
H.1988 An Act to promote Massachusetts’ fishing industry Antonio F. D. Cabral
H.1989 An Act relative to lobster buoys James M. Cantwell
S.399 An Act relative to striped bass. Daniel A. Wolf