Bill Num. Title / Summary Sponsor
S.1796 An Act relative to special veterans plates. Bruce E. Tarr
H.946 An Act relative to license plates for carsharing vehicles Carl M. Sciortino, Jr.
H.937 An Act commemorating Bronze Star recipients Angelo J. Puppolo, Jr.
H.893 An Act requiring that the Registry of Motor Vehicles be directed to issue distinctive motor vehicle plates for recipients of the Combat Infantry Badge Demetrius J. Atsalis
H.2631 An Act relative to special license plates for certain military personnel. Garrett J. Bradley
H.905 An Act relative to motor vehicle registration plates William N. Brownsberger
S.1725 An Act to promote environmentally sound transportation of agricultural products Stephen M. Brewer
H.932 An Act relative to special veterans license plates. Harold P. Naughton, Jr.
H.1804 An Act establishing a distinctive motor vehicle license plate for the university of Massachusetts Michael J. Moran
S.1800 An Act establishing a distinctive registration plate supporting public schools James E. Timilty
S.1798 An Act to enhance the license plate system of the Commonwealth. Bruce E. Tarr
H.1789 An Act relative to distinctive registration plates John V. Fernandes
S.1720 An Act to authorize firefighter motorcycle license plates. Stephen M. Brewer
H.925 An Act providing for certain distinctive license plates. Timothy R. Madden
H.949 An Act exempting towed campers from commercial license plates. Todd M. Smola
S.1813 An Act to allow active duty military veterans to purchase veteran license plates Steven A. Tolman
H.2632 An Act establishing an autism license plate. Garrett J. Bradley
H.933 An Act establishing a baby boomer license plate Sarah K. Peake
H.1810 An Act relative to a violence prevention education license plate. Benjamin Swan
H.3074 An Act establishing a distinctive registration plate for work zone safety awareness and victim support Michael A. Costello
H.3089 An Act relative to the Support Our Troops distinctive registration plates Thomas M. Stanley
H.3382 An Act establishing a lottery for low number registration plates in the registry of motor vehicles Ann-Margaret Ferrante
S.1742 An Act Relative to special veterans plates. John Hart, Jr.
H.2643 An Act providing for a distinctive registration plate for firefighters Patricia A. Haddad
S.1759 An Act relative to Gold Star Family vanity registration plates Thomas M. McGee
H.3068 An Act relative to registration plates James Arciero
H.3572 An Act Designating a certain bridge in the Town of Framingham as the Greg Vilidnitsky Bridge. Chris Walsh
S.2041 An Act to recognize those in military service Bruce E. Tarr
S.1719 An Act relative to year of manufacture registration plates Stephen M. Brewer
S.1722 An Act further regulating the sale of distinctive registration plates for veterans. Stephen M. Brewer
S.1799 An Act to provide for the issuance of a distinctive registration plate for congenital heart defects research and treatment. James E. Timilty
S.1801 An Act providing for a distinctive registration plate for Olympians James E. Timilty
S.1802 An Act relative to the expansion of charitable license plates. James E. Timilty
H.929 An Act providing for a distinctive registration plate for paratroopers James R. Miceli
H.2662 An Act to clarify farm plates Todd M. Smola
H.1792 An Act relative to disabled veterans' motor vehicle plates Kevin G. Honan
H.3421 An Act designating a certain section of state highway Route 53, Washington Street, in the city of Weymouth as the Stephen T. O'Donnell Memorial Highway James M. Murphy