Bill Num. Title / Summary Sponsor
H.25 An Act making amendments to the uniform commercial code covering general provisions, documents of title and secured transactions Michael A. Costello
H.132 An Act to establish the office of clean technology and the clean technology commission Frank I. Smizik
H.1903 An Act relative to the student entrepreneurial development and economic investment fund Bradley H. Jones, Jr.
S.149 An Act relative to improving the business climate of the Commonwealth Steven A. Baddour
S.165 An Act relative to plant relocation. Marc R. Pacheco
S.164 An Act relative to continuation of health insurance in the case of plant closings. Marc R. Pacheco
S.152 An Act establishing the office of clean technology and the clean technology commission James B. Eldridge
S.171 An Act to increase research and development in emerging industries. Bruce E. Tarr
S.172 An Act relative to jobs creation in the Commonwealth. Bruce E. Tarr
S.173 An Act to provide for loans for waterfront development. Bruce E. Tarr
S.167 An Act to clarify and enhance privacy protections for electronic health records Marc R. Pacheco
H.2707 An Act reducing retainage on private construction projects Susan Williams Gifford
H.2708 An Act providing loans for waterfront development Steven M. Walsh
S.174 An Act relative to the appointment of the secretary of Housing and Economic Development. James T. Welch
S.1852 An Act further regulating certain municipal regulatory approvals. Patricia D. Jehlen
S.161 An Act relative to improving notice requirements for self storage Michael O. Moore
S.154 An Act relative to successor corporation asbestos-related liabilities Barry R. Finegold
S.153 An Act promoting efficiency and transparency in economic development James B. Eldridge
S.157 An Act to establish a sales tax holiday August 2012. John Hart, Jr.
H.1902 An Act establishing the Massachusetts opportunity rebuilding and expansion infrastructure program Patricia A. Haddad
S.163 An Act to promote economic development in Gateway Towns Richard T. Moore
H.3406 An Act prohibiting electronic devices for sweepstakes Brian M. Ashe
S.162 An Act relative to the definition of fraud II Michael O. Moore
H.3710 An Act relative to Hamilton Development Corporation Bradford Hill